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DriverHive Introduction
An introduction to the DriverHive software
Downloading DriverHive
How to download and activate DriverHive driver update software.
Importance of Drivers
Discusses what device drivers are and why keeping them updated is important.
Running a System Scan
How to use DriverHive to scan your system for driver errors.
Viewing Scan Results
How to view system scan results.
Ignoring Driver Updates
How to ignore unwanted driver updates.
Repairing Driver Errors
How to repair driver errors detected during a system scan.
Viewing History
How to view the scan and repair history.
System Restore Points
How to view and rollback to system restore points. System restore points are set every time DriverHive updates drivers and can be used to rollback if there are any issues with a given driver update.
Viewing System Info
How to view information about your system using DriverHive driver updater software.
Automated Scans
How to schedule automatic scans in DriverHive.
Using an Alternate Download Folder
How to configure DriverHive to use an alternate folder for driver downloads than the default.
Updating DriverHive
How to update DriverHive to the most recent version.
Getting Help
How to get help and support while using DriverHive.
DriverHive Video Help