Affiliate Program - Overview

Welcome to the Bootstrap Affiliate program!

The Bootstrap Development Software affiliate program delivers excellent conversion rates, in demand award winning products and one-on-one relationships with our Affiliate Managers. Our award winning software is an ideal way to build a steady revenue stream from existing or new visitors to your website.

BSD partners with RegNow, RevenueWire and OneNetworkDirect (Digital River) to provide our affiliate platforms. Becoming an affiliate is free, very easy and potentially very lucrative. So get started now!

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Bootstrap Development Software’s Affiliate program provides many great benefits including:
  • Earn a minimum 50% commission with high grossing affiliates earning a whole lot more!
  • High conversion rates from our top rated software
  • A whole lot of additional marketing material such as:
    • Banner advertisements of various sizes
    • Pre approved content and images to upload to your website
    • Trial versions of our software are available for your customers so they can try before they buy
    • HTML email templates (coming soon)
  • Dedicated Account Managers who are there for you to offer advice, help and support so you get the best possible results and reward for your hard work!
  • Online and secure control panel to check sales in real time provided by our partners
  • We handle all customer service, post sales support etc., so you can concentrate on just selling
  • Simple, quick and easy application process, so you can start earning commission ASAP
  • No financial outlay at all


Q: Who is BSD?
A: The BSD team is made up of software engineers, marketing minds and even one rocket scientist who for years have built software for everyone from consumers to large businesses to Uncle Sam. It was finally time for us to build software for ourselves and for other people just like us. Our goal is to identify those software programs that our customers need, but just miss the mark. We take these concepts and re-think the software from the ground-up to give our customers a better overall experience. We make software that is more useful, more functional and more secure than you are used to. BSD is based in Boulder, Colorado with locations in Europe and Australia.
Q: How can I ensure that all of my referrals will be accounted for?
A: You will be issued with an Affiliate ID. This affiliate ID is included in the URL when you send users to our product information, download or purchase websites. This URL then drops a cookie on the users PC, which is cross checked during the checkout process on our shopping cart.
Q: How do I sign up?
A: You can sign up online directly from our website.
Q: How much commission can I earn?
A: We pay a minimum of 35% commission on all software sold. However many of our affiliates earn a lot more! It’s win win all the way – the more you sell, the more we give you! Extra commissions and incentives depend on sales success. And don’t forget about our regular competitions and prizes on offer!
Q: How are payments handled?
A: This is dependent on the Affiliate platform but it is usually paid out once per month. There is also usually a minimum payment threshold (e.g.: US $100). If this is not reached, it is usually carried over to the next month.
Q: What kind of help do you provide to Affiliates?
A: We will help you in many ways. We can provide you with marketing materials for your site, such as: images, banner ads, links, testimonials, reviews, content, HTML email templates and more. You will also have dedicated Account Managers to help you along the way and give you advice. Remember, your success, is our success too and we are in this together.
Q: What is the cost of becoming an Affiliate?
A: Absolutely nothing! It is completely free.
Q: Can I check my sales figures as I go along?
A: Yes. You can log into your Affiliate Control Panel to check sales and commission.
Q: I have more questions, who can I ask?
A: If you have any other questions please click here to contact us: email: affiliates[at]bootstrapdevelopment[dot]com
Q: How do I get started?
A: It only takes a few minutes to sign up. Just click on the Sign up button and, after filling in a short form, you will receive access to your account. Revenue will build from the very first sale and payments will be delivered promptly each month.

To your success!